100 Business Leaders Summit starts in Skopje

The Summit of 100 Business Leaders started in Skopje, Macedonia on Monday, with the aim of boosting transport connections and removing barriers in the region.

The theme of this year’s Summit 100 is “connectivity”, in several key areas, such as infrastructure, transport, energy, digitization, branding of the region, facilitating the free movement of goods and services, as well as a higher degree of labour mobility.

The Chairman of the Summit’s Managing Board and CEO of the pharmaceutical company, Alkaloid, Zivko Mukaetov said that, this year, regional cooperation among the 100 business leaders in the region will be formalized through signing a memorandum of understanding and cooperation with the Western Balkan Chamber of Commerce Investment Forum, which coordinates the cooperation between the chambers of commerce of Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. The aim of the memorandum is to boost business cooperation and competitiveness of regional and national economies.

“It takes only 12 hours by car to get from Skopje to Sarajevo. We simply have to remove the barriers on the borders in order to have a faster movement of people and goods in the region. We are going to be much more appealing as a unified market. Individually, we are all small markets, but together with make a market that has 24 million consumers”, Mukaetov underlined.

Summit100 Business Leaders of SEE is an unique business initiative that gathers 100 most eminent business leaders (by invitation only) from the region of South East Europe, including Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania, with the aim to engage business leaders into the dialogue to try to shape new vision that would improve business and quality of life in the region. They participate in roundtable discussions, grouped according to the economic sectors, and discuss the impediments to and possibilities of cooperation in the region.

The organizers of the Summit100 are the Managers’ Association of Slovenia (MAS), Serbian Association of Managers (SAM), Croatian Employers’ Association (HUP), Atlas Foundation, Alkaloid Skopje, ASA Holding and BBI Bank.

(Vecernje Novosti, Summit’s official website, 17.10.2017)



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