100 biggest companies in Serbia employ 11.4% of all workforce

The question of which companies are more important to a country’s economy – those that employ many people or those that pay high wages – doesn’t have a simple answer. Both types of companies have a significant impact on the economy but in different contexts and situations.

Globally speaking, companies that employ the highest number of workers tend to operate in economic sectors related to basic needs and industrial production. In Serbia, these are primarily energy and mining companies, large retail chains and telecommunications companies, as well as manufacturers of electronic components.

Compared to the global average, it is noticeable that in our country, among the 100 largest employers, there are no large agricultural companies, and to a large extent also food producers – because only three companies from the food industry are on this list. On the other hand, there are as many as four manufacturers of weapons and ammunition on it (Zastava Oružje, Krušik, Sloboda, Prvi Partizan), according to data collated by the CompanyWall credit rating company.

The largest 100 employers in Serbia employed a total of 320,341 workers, based on data from the latest available annual reports. The Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) tops the list with 20,008 employees which also laid off the highest number of workers. Despite generating the highest profit, the Petroleum Industry of Serbia (NIS) laid off 159 workers in the observed year (2022).

In second place is the Serbian Post Office with 14,815 employees and in third place is Leoni Wiring Systems d.o.o. with 13,707 workers.

Company NameTotal TurnoverNet ResultEmployees
EPS AD Beograd369.532.944.000-74.593.679.00020.008
JP Pošta Srbije Beograd31.126.254.0003.680.458.00014.815
DELHAIZE SERBIA DOO BEOGRAD137.579.465.0007.917.395.00011.426
Elektrodistribucija Srbije105.421.637.000704.060.0008.775
Telekom Srbija a.d., Beograd125.376.023.00015.752.584.0007.980
Mercator-S doo92.409.358.000775.288.0007.950
YURA CORPORATION DOO RAČA39.910.999.000-57.280.0007.652
PRO TENT D.O.O. OBRENOVAC15.365.731.000163.869.0007.340
SERBIA ZIJIN COPPER DOO113.436.024.00038.107.873.0005.945
Infrastruktura železnice Srbije a.d.17.947.009.000-5.703.512.0005.704
NIS A.D. NOVI SAD506.695.535.000110.936.796.0004.949
HBIS GROUP Serbia Iron & Steel d.o.o. Beograd130.450.052.000-
Aptiv Contract Services d.o.o.16.023.688.000388.621.0004.668
APTIV MOBILITY SERVICES DOO19.605.019.000348.645.0003.968
NCR DOO BEOGRAD16.011.111.0001.062.746.0003.883
SECURITAS SE DOO BEOGRAD4.399.236.00077.687.0003.797
PKC Wiring Systems d.o.o.10.531.686.000-839.705.0003.683
TIGAR TYRES DOO135.090.190.0008.944.182.0003.595

According to the census data, published by the State Statistics Office, the working population in the country stands at about 2.8 million, which means that the 100 largest companies in Serbia employ 11.4% of the all available workforce.

Companies are required to submit their 2023 reports by 1st April this year.

(Biznis.rs, 04.03.2024)


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