10 years since the launch of EU accession talks – Where is Serbia now?

The Institute for European Affairs said that the past ten years of accession negotiations with the European Union (EU) were marked by the failure of Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić and that of the ruling majority, since only 22 out of 35 chapters have been opened, while the dynamics of opening and closing the chapters is significantly slower compared to other countries.

“Despite the promises and rhetoric of President (Aleksandar) Vucic, Prime Minister (Ana) Brnabic and the ruling majority, Serbia is faced with serious problems in the European integration process, which is a result of poor reforms and lack of political vision,” said the Institute.

“We note that Serbia signed the Stabilization and Association Agreement in 2008, that the Serbian citizens enjoy a visa-free regime since 2009, that in 2012 Serbia was granted EU candidate status, and that it launched negotiations in 2014. However, it is now seriously behind in the negotiating process,” said the Institute.

It noted that the lack of dynamism is not only due to historical circumstances but also to “the lack of political will and ability of the current government to implement the necessary reforms,” adding that the question that arises is that of the “incumbent government’s true desire and ability to lead us to membership in the EU.”

“Ten years of the negotiation process and very little progress tell us that this government either does not want to or is unable to implement reforms that would make Serbia a decent country to live in, an EU member.”

The Institute called on the ruling majority to take responsibility, to accelerate the reforms and to commit to serious and responsible negotiations on membership in the European Union.

“Serbian citizens deserve an efficient and transparent government that will guide them toward European values and standards,” said the Institute for European Affairs.

(021.rs, 22.01.2024)



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