10 Facts About Studying in Serbia

When people plan on going to college, they usually think of the opportunity closest to home, and that’s understandable. But have you ever thought about studying in Eastern Europe? Leaving your comfort zone and making a huge change in your life is not an easy step. Not everyone can leave their family, friends and daily routine to move to another part of the World. The idea that you’ll start your whole social life from scratch is a crazy thought. But if you’re brave enough and interested in what other countries might have to offer, you should keep reading. Moving across the globe is no easy task and every little piece of information you can find about the place you choose and the people there is useful. So, here are some interesting and helpful facts about studying in Serbia.

  1. Serbia has some really good universities. From Belgrade to Novi Sad, the cities on the banks of the Danube River offer a great education. From medicine to engineering, the quality of the Serbian educational system is fantastic. And when you learn that a year there costs just between 500-2500 Euros you have to get excited. Good education at an affordable price is a rare thing nowadays.

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  1. A sign of how good the education is in a country, is how many other countries recognize the degrees students receive there. And Serbia is doing well here. If you finish your studies there and get a diploma, you won’t have a hard time if you want to continue your studies in another country. If you want to get a job anywhere in Europe, it would be as easy as getting one in Serbia.
  2. Besides being affordable, high quality and recognized in many other countries, education is Serbia gives you another big benefit. The Serbian Government offers a lot of scholarships for foreign students. The universities in Serbia allow students to even work a part-time job, so you might end up earning more money than you spend there.
  3. So, if you start earning money while you’re a student, will you spend all of that on the cost of living? Not really. Having to pay 150-200 Euros for a studio is a very good bargain. Usually, the buildings for international students are well-built, with modern facilities.
  4. Do you know what else is great in Serbia? The food is great in Serbia! Eastern European cuisine is so delicious, you’ll fall in love with it. Having long-time traditions, the Serbs respect the ways their grandparents cooked years ago. With influences from the Greek cuisine and the Turkish cuisine, the Serbs cook everything without genetically modified food, having strong bans on producing and importing any GMOs.
  5. As a student, of course, you are interested in the fun part. Eastern Europeans know how to have a good time. Serbians are well known for their parties, that last until the morning. As a student, sharing interests with your peers and being the same age, will make you have fun together, guaranteed. Even if the parties last until morning, the next day you have to get back to your studies, just like everyone else. When you fall behind with your assignments, check some custom essay writing service provider and make your day easier. Students from all across the globe must learn to use the advantage of modern technology to make their life easier.
  6. The food ant the parties make just a small part of what the amazing European Culture means. From festivals to museums and galleries, Serbia is really representative of what the Old Continent has to offer. Walking the streets of many Medieval Cities and admiring the architecture from hundreds of years ago gives you a special feeling. 

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  1. Another cool thing about studying in Serbia is that people are very friendly there. The locals will treat you like you’re one of their own and ask you to come to dine with them, in their house, after you’ve just met them. Their hospitality is met by a lot of cultural diversity, people learning Serbian customs and sharing their own as well. 
  2. Overall, I could say that Serbia is a great country if you want to study abroad. Here, you get to live some amazing international student experiences with other international students, in a country full of culture. You get to meet people all over the world, learn from one another and study together. If you don’t have a grasp on a subject you will always find a colleague to help you out. If you want to compare and contrast essay titles, you can get help with that too.
  3. The most important part of studying in Serbia is the fact that if you choose to do it, you’ll get out of your comfort zone like never before, in the best way possible!


Wherever you’re from, you’ll always have something to learn from a place across the globe. Culture, attitude, interests, and academics will be completely new experiences for you if you want to study in Serbia. On one hand, there are all the benefits of living there: nice people who know how to have fun, great food like you’ve never tasted before(you must try the “pljeskavica” burger-like dish) and very affordable accommodations, for like 150 Euros per month, for a one-room apartment. Even if you’re not a student, Serbia is a wonderful country to live in. But on the other hand, as a student, you get to have an amazing experience. The feeling of community between students there is amazing. You’ll always study together with your colleagues and find smart ways to finish a project, because everyone you’ll meet while there is a student, just like you.



Elizabeth Skinner is a scholar and a digital nomad. She travels the world learning and writing. Discovering new cultures makes Liz curious as a content creator and as a student of the World.


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