1.5 Billion Dinars for Entrepreneurship Incentives Just a Part of This Year’s Incentive Programme

Economy Minister Željko Sertić said that the provided 1.5 billion Dinars was only a part of the entrepreneurship incentive programme for this year which had been declared the Year of Entrepreneurship.

„Entrepreneurship is the future of the world. The entire world is heading in this direction and it should be a source of growth for us too. State-owned enterprises exist to serve citizens while enterpreneurs make the foundation of the economy“, Sertić added.

He also reminded that, in late 2015, the government devised a programme where the state would provide a grant to cover 25% of costs for purchasing new equipment for companies which were already operational. The programme’s total budget is 200 million Dinars.

According to the Minister, the assistance will be provided partly in money, but it is also important for the Year of Entrepreneurship to be a wide platform that will involve not only the Ministry of Economy but other ministries too, all state institutions and bodies, chambers of commerce and NGOs, i.e. everybody who understands just how important is this for the country’s development.

Our goal is to encourage entrepreneurs through the use of laws and increasing their awareness, as well as to use concrete examples to show that people who choose to be independent can be successful. The goal is to open new and expand existing companies, for the entrepreneurs to be satisfied and to demonstrate through their engagement that it is worth working in Serbia“, Sertić added.

The Minister went on to say that the state also stood to benefit from that because enterpreneurial development translates into lower unemployment rate and more tax revenue for the state. A part of the aforementioned funds will be spent on developing small and medium enterprises, while the other part will be spent on the state fulfilling its obligations and responsibilities towards its citizens.

„Small and medium enterprises are much quicker to adopt new systems, follow new trends, and adapt to market disturbances than huge conglomerates which need much more time to do that“, the Minister pointed out.

He added that universities and institutes should also be involved because entrepreneurship covers everything – from financial support, legislative environment, business environment, and creating opportunities for the state to support export to domestic entrepreneurs investing more.

“Entrepreneurship also means that the state has its own public enterprises and civil servants who are also going to work in that direction instead of doing nothing about your documents and applications until someone forces them to“, the Minister underlined.

Sertić concluded that the issue of educating the workforce was also important, in addition to educating all of the elements in the SME Sector Strategy which has six pillars as the foundations of development and which was adopted in January last year.

(eKapija, 17.01.2016)

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